2022 Annual Report

Click to view our 2022 Annual Report digitally (best viewed on a large screen). This Report covers the LGLC’s activities in the 2022 Calendar Year, and financials for the 2022 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2021 – June 31, 2022). The publication can also be downloaded as a PDF from the link above.

Introduction from the President:

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Staff,

I wish to thank our Board for the opportunity to serve as President of the Lake George Land Conservancy and I thank all our friends, supporters, volunteers, and staff for making 2022 such a success for the organization.

Together we were able to complete fundraising for the $5 million Clark Hollow Bay land acquisition and protection project which was the largest financial challenge we have ever undertaken. We purchased other important properties during the year and started fundraising for the acquisition of the Wiawaka Uplands conservation easement which will protect 47 acres of forest at the foot of French Mountain. During the year we worked with communities and various groups around Lake George to meet local needs and improve our trail systems. We continued to partner with key organizations to combat the spread of hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA). In all our activities, we have kept our focus clear. We are “the land people.” We protect Lake George by protecting the land around it.

Individuals that love Lake George each have their own story. Some love it because of family traditions lasting generations, others are recent arrivals. Some are hikers or boaters or lovers of nature. However, what we all have in common is a need to keep the lake and the mountains pristine for future generations. We meet this need by focusing on preserving the land and the filtering effect that it has on the waters of the lake. As a land trust maintaining charitable status and certified by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, the Lake George Land Conservancy is uniquely positioned to maintain this focus. While we do not oppose responsible development, we recognize that the highest and best use of certain sensitive land is preserved status. Therefore, we work diligently with willing landowners to permanently protect lands such as these.

The commentary in this 2022 Annual Report covers calendar year 2022 and the financials pertain to our fiscal year of July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022. Thanks to all of you, we continue to be in a strong financial position to cover operations and future land acquisition.

As I begin my 12th year on the Board, I appreciate more than ever that the success of our organization is a matter of teamwork. I would like to thank my predecessors, most recently John Macionis and Michael O’Reilly, for their leadership as Board Presidents. I also thank our directors, advisory board members, and all of you for the wonderful support you have given over the years to make our efforts a success. Together we can continue to protect the lake by protecting the land around it!

Jeff Brozyna, President, LGLC Board of Directors

Instruction from the Executive Director

Dear LGLC Community,

The Lake George Land Conservancy had a great year in 2022. Working together we permanently protected 108 acres of sensitive land that will forever benefit Lake George with clean water, natural habitat, and scenic splendor. We stewarded 5,471 acres of protected lands, ensuring that the conservation benefits of our work are continuously realized. With the help of numerous community partners, we reached more than 1,730 people with our educational outreach events and countless more with our digital and printed materials.

As I reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many dedicated and talented people that make our success possible. The greatest joy of my work is getting to know all of you, our generous donors, community partners, volunteers, and directors who combine with our staff to make a powerful team dedicated to protecting Lake George by protecting the land around it. I look forward to building upon these relationships.

I am also grateful for the efforts of many who have come before us. Our projects along Indian Brook extend the benefit of previously protected forests, wetlands, and streams that flow into Northwest Bay. Our Clark Hollow Bay project added one-half mile to two miles of shoreline protected 30 years ago. We mourned the loss of Tim Barnett last year; he was instrumental in this earlier work of the LGLC and will be missed dearly (see page 17).

The LGLC is well positioned as we enter our 35th year with a great team in place, firm financial footing, and a mission that is more relevant than ever. We will continue to permanently protect the most sensitive lands within the Lake George watershed, ensuring that this special place retains its character for generations to come.

I hope you are as excited as I am for an amazing year ahead.

Michael Horn, LGLC Executive Director