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The general public may access the Terzian Woodlot by foot across State Forest Preserve Lands.

Once you reach LGLC property boundary, you’ll see a kiosk marking the start of LGLC’s trail. The trail climbs gradually for 0.2 miles until it reaches the top of a knoll, then goes down to a small stream crossing. It goes up and over a small knoll, then down to a larger stream crossing.  The trail follows the stream for a hundred feet, then makes a sharp turn to the right. The trail goes straight for 250 feet until it comes to a logging road. It makes a sharp left turn and climbs gradually for 0.75 miles, crossing our boundary line onto Silver Bay lands before descending gradually to Uncas Falls.

The intersection with the yellow trail to Uncas Cliff is at 1.0 mile (from the kiosk). The yellow trail is level for 250 feet, then makes a short, steep climb before leveling off and following the ridge to Uncas Cliff, with spectacular views of Lake George.  The end of both trails connect to the Silver Bay Trails (see

Use of the trail system beyond Uncas Falls is restricted to YMCA Silver Bay members only. For information about becoming a member of the YMCA, please visit

Serene lake with a tiny island, framed by mountains, trees, and a bright blue sky with clouds in the distance.

Preserve Guidelines

A blue circular trail sign with white lettering is pinned to a tree trunk. The sign reads "Blue Trail Lake George Land Conservancy 518-644-9673"

The Terzian Woodlot preserve is open year-round, dawn to dusk.

Please stay on the marked trails.

Please be courteous of other preserve guests.

Please be cautious of timber rattlesnakes. Do NOT disturb.

No removal of plants or animals without permission.

LGLC allows hunting at Terzian Woodlot by permit only. Please visit our Hunting on LGLC Lands page for more information and to apply for a hunting permit.

Please use caution when hiking during hunting seasons – wear bright colors and hike in groups. Hunters – please be aware of hikers and hunt away from trails. Please follow NYS DEC’s Hunting Safety Rules

No camping, littering or fires.

Motorized or non-motorized recreational vehicles are NOT allowed.

Leashed dogs are permitted. Please clean up after your dog.


A blue circular trail sign with white lettering is pinned to a tree trunk. The sign reads "Blue Trail Lake George Land Conservancy 518-644-9673"

This 132-acre property was added to the Lake George Land Conservancy portfolio in November 2014. A total of 1.5 miles of trails have been established and connect to trails on the Silver Bay YMCA property. Trails for Silver Bay YMCA can be found on their website. If you would like to hike their trails, they ask that you become a member of Silver Bay.

Owned by the Terzian Family for decades, this parcel was sold to LGLC after an overwhelmingly successful fundraising campaign. The project was the perfect example of a community effort and thanks to the neighbors of Sabbath Day Point and Silver Bay all the monies for acquisition and stewardship were raised in three short months! We are especially grateful to Silver Bay community member and now LGLC Board Member, Elizabeth Guest, who was instrumental in the support behind this project.

The acquisition of this property has allowed LGLC to ensure the protection of a Lake George tributary, create public access to beautiful forests and ridges, and provide habitat and refuge for the endangered timber rattlesnakes. If you see any snakes, please keep a safe distance and do NOT share its location with others (to keep the snakes and curious people safe from unnecessary encounters).

NOTICE: Please note that timber rattlesnakes have been sighted on these trails. Please watch where you step. They are slow moving and will not strike unless provoked.

Timber rattlesnakes are protected as a threatened species under New York State law and it is a crime to harm them. Please avoid bringing additional attention to the snakes; do NOT report any sightings online.

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Protecting the land that protects the lake since 1988. The Lake George Land Conservancy is an accredited not-for-profit land trust dedicated to working with willing landowners and other partners to protect the world-renowned water quality of Lake George and to permanently preserve the natural, scenic, historical and recreational resources of the Lake George Region.

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