Stromberg Family Challenge for Indian Brook

The Stromberg Family Matching Challenge has been met! Thank you to all who helped us reach this goal and protect land within the Indian Brook & Northwest Bay Conservation Initiative.


Wiawaka Uplands

Wiawaka and the LGLC are working together to permanently protect 47 acres of forested uplands through the use of a conservation easement.

Current Initiatives

South Basin Initiative

Protecting land in the south basin has tremendous benefits for the water quality of Lake George…

Indian Brook & Northwest Bay Conservation Initiative

The Indian Brook and Northwest Bay Conservation Initiative focuses on protecting…

Northeastern Shoreline Initiative

The first protection project in Lake George’s northeast region was completed in 1990. We have just protected the final piece…

Sucker Brook Conservation Initiative

Sucker Brook is one of Lake George’s ten largest tributaries, encompassing about 1,570 acres in the Town of Putnam…

Huletts Landing Conservation Initiative

The LGLC’s Huletts Landing Conservation Initiative focuses on protecting the wetlands and stream corridors in this steep region of…

Bolton Recreational Hub

The Hub works to enhance our ability to protect land and provide opportunities to show why our work is important to the lake…

About Us

Protecting the land that protects the lake since 1988. The Lake George Land Conservancy is an accredited not-for-profit land trust dedicated to working with willing landowners and other partners to protect the world-renowned water quality of Lake George and to permanently preserve the natural, scenic, historical and recreational resources of the Lake George Region.

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