The Round the Lake (RTL) Challenge is a free program designed to educate about the Lake George watershed’s natural, historical and cultural resources by encouraging first-hand experiences.

See for yourself how amazing this lake and its watershed is, and why it’s so important to protect the land that protects the lake!

For the Challenge, the LGLC has identified more than 30 Missions throughout the watershed, each showcasing Lake George’s unique natural, scenic, historic or cultural resources. The number of Missions will increase as more preserves and trails are available to the public.

Missions Include:
  • Hiking the trails of Tongue Mountain, Sleeping Beauty, or any of LGLC’s parks and preserves;
  • Canoeing or kayaking Jabe Pond and Northwest Bay;
  • Exploring Gull Bay and the exhibits at Up Yonda Farm;
  • Participating in the LGLC’s annual Hike-A-Thon;
  • Walking the LaChute River Walk Interpretive Trail, and visiting museums and historical roadside markers.
The goal is to complete at least 20 of the RTL Missions at your own pace and become an official Round the Laker!

As you venture forth into the Round the Lake Challenge, be sure to read through the Mission details first. The RTL Missions are listed geographically, beginning with the Lake George Land Conservancy’s Macionis Family Center for Conservation in Bolton Landing and heading clockwise around the lake (after the original 30, new Missions are added chronologically). Though Mission #1 is the only mandatory one, it does not have to be the first. In fact, the Missions may be completed in any order and might be best planned out according to the time of year, since some have seasonal hours of operation.

The Mission List is also broken into categories, which are identifiable by their color: Hike (green), Paddle (blue), Educational (red), and Town (brown). The information in this list is for basic guidance only; please refer to detailed maps, hiking guidebooks, online hiking blogs and other resources for more information before heading out.

Download and print the checklist, fill it out with dates and comments, and once you have at least 20 Missions completed, send in the checklist by mail or bring it to the LGLC office (a visit to the office is the only mandatory Mission – check it and turn in your list at the same time!).

Once completed, each person, family or team receives a number to mark their place, as well as a certificate of completion and RTL’er patch (one patch per submission; more may be purchased once your completion has been documented). Submissions are reviewed monthly and roster numbers are based on the date of submission, not the last Mission completed.

Are you ready to Take the Challenge?

Download and print the Mission details and checklist. Fill out the checklist with dates and comments, and once completed, send in by mail or bring it to the LGLC office (a visit to the office is the only mandatory Mission – check it and turn in your list at the same time!).

Our sincere thanks goes to the following sponsors of the Round the Lake Challenge: The Henry M. Rowan Foundation, Rotary Club of Lake George, and the International Paper Foundation