Lake George Land Conservancy Announces New President, Directors

The LGLC announces Jeff Brozyna as its new President as well as other newly elected officers and members of its Board of Directors

Bolton Landing, NY – The Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Brozyna as its new President of the Board of Directors. Mr. Brozyna is taking over the role from past President Michael O’Reilly.

On September 2, 2022, the LGLC Board elected Mr. Brozyna to fill the President position. Mr. Brozyna joined the LGLC Board in 2011 and has served 10 years as Vice-President of Development. He also volunteered to lead the LGLC as Interim Executive Director from October through December 2022, while a search for a permanent executive director was underway.

Mr. Brozyna’s relationship with the LGLC began in 2010 when he and his wife Patti were seeking a charity as a recipient for a land donation.

“I have always appreciated the land trust concept and I had been following the preservation work of the LGLC in the media for years,” Mr. Brozyna said. “Later they asked me to help on their Board because I had gained property law and land experience during my working career. I was impressed with their staff and organization’s mission, so I said yes. It has been my privilege to have served the organization that protects the lake by protecting the land around it. It has been a time of significant growth and achievement for the LGLC thanks to the combined efforts of all of our supporters. I am dedicated to doing all I can to continue this success as President.”

The Brozyna Family connection to Lake George began about 100 years ago when Mr. Brozyna’s grandfather Joe Brozyna came up from Schenectady to hunt and fish all around the lake. Joe Brozyna not only saw the lake through the eyes of a sportsman, he also was captivated by its majesty and sought a location for his family to establish seasonal roots. In 1946, he and his wife Leola helped establish South Beach Association in Bolton, which has grown into a successful 31-member lake side cottage community.

In 2008, Mr. Brozyna retired after a successful executive and legal career and he and his wife Patti purchased a year-round home in the Town of Lake George where they still live. In 2010, they renovated the family cabin in Bolton so their children, grandchildren and extended family can continue to enjoy and appreciate the lake for generations to come.

Outgoing President Mike O’Reilly joined the LGLC Board of Directors in 2010. He then served as Treasurer from 2011 to 2017, as well as Vice-President of Finance from 2014 to 2017, before taking on the role of President. During his tenure as President, the LGLC protected 1,379 acres of land and 3,123 feet of lake shoreline, through 5 donations and 13 purchases, a total investment of more than $7.7 million. Under his prudent leadership and guidance, Mr. O’Reilly led the organization to its current, very strong financial condition. This is in part due to the establishment of an endowment for conservation efforts by Mr. O’Reilly and his wife, Marie.

LGLC Executive Director Mike Horn said, “Mike O’Reilly did an incredible job leading this organization for so many years, as President and in other roles on the Executive Committee. He provided a great deal of support to me as a new Executive Director, and I look forward to continuing that good relationship with Jeff Brozyna as the new President.”

Other changes and additions to the LGLC Board of Directors include the election of Bernice McPhillips, Nancy Flacke Reuss, and Kealy Salomon to the Board; appointment of David Darrin and Mike O’Reilly as Directors Emeritus; and the appointment of Scott Arenholz, Tracey Clothier, and Mike O’Reilly to the Advisory Board. Paul Cummings completed a three-year term of service on the Board of Directors.

Like Mr. O’Reilly, Tracey Clothier joined the Advisory Board after completing the maximum number of years of service as a Director, including the last seven years as Secretary.

In addition, the Board elected Patty HasBrouck as Vice President of Development, Sheryl Arenholz as Vice President of Administration, and Bobby Von Werne as Secretary. George Morris will continue to serve as Vice President of Finance and Treasurer, and Paul Bell as Vice President of Conservation.

“I thank our outgoing directors for their incredible dedication to the LGLC and the protection of Lake George,” said Mr. Horn. “It is through their service and leadership that this organization has achieved so much for Lake George over the past 34 years. The Director Emeritus designation is well deserved by Mike O’Reilly and David Darrin, both of whom have made especially significant contributions to the LGLC.

“I look forward to working with the new directors and officers,” Mr. Horn continued, “as we move forward with new and exciting projects that will protect the land that protects the lake.”

New Directors Bring Fresh Perspective and Energy to the Board

Bernice McPhillips is a Glens Falls, NY, native and a graduate of Boston University and New England School of Law. She is licensed to practice in New York, Massachusetts, and California. She has practiced law in Glens Falls and Boston. The McPhillips family owns a summer residence on Lake George.

During the past 20+ years she has been the manager of her family’s real property holdings which are located in this region. In 2018, she was responsible for arranging a key bargain sale agreement with the LGLC for land on French Mountain which is now known as the McPhillips Preserve. In recognition of this, the McPhillips Family was inducted into the LGLC’s Apperson Society in 2019.
Nancy Flacke Reuss has served on the Board of the Fort William Henry Corporation for decades, was elected Vice President in 2019 and is part of the executive team. Her family played a key role in preserving that historic site and hotel operation in the 1950’s.

Ms. Reuss recently retired after a 37-year career with New York State. Most recently she served as Chief Financial Officer of the New York State Insurance Fund in Albany. She oversaw the integration of the NYS Banking and Insurance Departments into the Department of Financial Services, and represented the NYS Budget Director on numerous public authority boards. At the Division of the Budget, she served as assistant chief budget examiner for Transportation, Environment, Energy, and Economic Development.

Ms. Reuss is a graduate of Holy Cross. She and her husband have a home in Loudonville but spend a great deal of time in Lake George tending to family and business responsibilities.

Kealy Salomon retired in 2014 after a 32-year tenure with the Dutchess County Department of Planning and Development and moved to Queensbury with her husband in 2020. They maintain a summer residence at Huletts Landing and participate in many LGLC activities.

Ms. Salomon graduated from St. Lawrence University with a BA and earned a Masters in Regional Planning at Cornell University. She went to work for Dutchess County in the Planning Department, in a variety of positions, including Senior Planner, Program Administrator, Assistant Commissioner and finally as Commissioner from 2010-2014. Her work included comprehensive county-wide planning, mapping, developing geographic information systems and coordinating economic development activities. She worked “hands on” with a host of partners including state and local governments, agencies, not-for-profits and land trusts in order to accomplish tangible results. Preservation of farmland and open space was a very important goal.

Kealy is a former member of the City of Poughkeepsie Planning Board and has served on several charitable boards in the mid-Hudson Region.