Donations of Van Hart Property and Matty’s Mountain

LGLC will soon receive a piece of land adjacent to the existing Berry Pond Preserve. The owner of a 175-acre Lake George property known as Matty’s Mountain has agreed to donate the land to LGLC (reserving a 10-year estate), completing the protection of the headwaters of West Brook in the south end of Lake George. The property is bordered by LGLC’s Berry Pond Preserve on three sides, making it an ideal addition to the preserve, and already includes trails used by the local snowmobile club.


A view of Dunham’s Bay and the southeast basin from the Van Hart property

David Van Hart of Pilot Knob has donated 63 acres in Fort Ann to LGLC. The forested property includes streams, wetlands, and ledges that are visible from Lake George and provide clear views of Dunham’s Bay Marsh and French Mountain.
Though not currently open to the public, LGLC hopes to connect this land to its popular Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob less than 1.5 miles to the north. It is also a critical component in LGLC’s goal of protecting the entire Pilot Knob ridge line for viewshed and watershed purposes.