“Find Your Happy Place” Video Series: The Pinnacle

Protection of the land is critical to the protection of the lake.

The Pinnacle, owned by the Town of Bolton and stewarded by the LGLC, has been protected since 2015. The 73-acre parcel is contiguous to other protected lands, including LGLC’s newest Bradley’s Lookout Preserve, and is a key part of the LGLC’s Bolton Hub Recreational Plan. The Pinnacle itself is a local landmark and is highly visible from Cat Mountain and the lake. The conservation of this land also contributes towards the protection of the Finkle Brook watershed, one of the lake’s major tributaries.
The Pinnacle is just one of many of LGLC’s conserved places silently work hard everyday to protect the water quality of Lake George. The LGLC is excited to release this “Find Your Happy Place” video series, filmed and produced by Luke Pelli of Pelli Productions, featuring some of our most loved preserves: The Pinnacle, Amy’s Park, Pilot Knob and Cook Mountain.
LGLC: Protecting the Land that Protects the Lake since 1988.