Interns Reflect on a Summer with LGLC

This summer our stewardship assistant positions were filled by Tom Devlin and Michelle Piechowicz. Tom and Michelle worked with our land and stewardship specialist, Warren Rosenthal, to maintain trails, monitor conservations easements, remove invasives and, most importantly, enjoy the natural beauty of a Lake George summer. They accomplished an amazing amount within their quick 12 weeks, and we wish them the best in their future studies and careers!

“I had a wonderful experience with LGLC this summer. The biggest thing I learned was how impor- tant it is to start managing invasive species in our area before they get out of hand. All the people I was privileged to work with this summer were great and it was awesome to get some experience in my future field”
~Tom Devlin

“My experience at LGLC this summer was nothing shy of amazing. It is difficult to put into words the extent of knowledge I was able to gain and the hard work that was put in this summer. I very much enjoyed being able to work along side an incredible staff that lives and breathes to protect this beauti- ful lake that means so much, to so many people. This organization is a perfect example of how a small group of individuals can really make a difference in the field of environmental conservation. It was an honor to be involved in such an important effort to preserve this amazing lake.”
~Michelle Piechowicz