Lake George Land Conservancy Expands Protection of Indian Brook Watershed

Bolton Landing, NY – The Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) has purchased two properties in the Town of Bolton, a total of 48 acres of forest and wetlands, including 3,745 feet of Indian Brook and seasonal streams that feed into it.

In October the LGLC purchased a 10-acre property that adjoins 130 acres previously protected in 2016. Extending the protected boundary with this acquisition enhances the ability of its large wetlands to slow and filter surface waters and to mitigate storm events that deliver sediment to the lake. Larger contiguous areas of conserved lands also provide better wildlife habitat and are more resilient to natural disturbances.

The second property, a 38-acre parcel that includes nearly 3 acres of wetlands, was purchased November 22. This land features a mature hemlock forest and steep slopes.

These projects are part of the LGLC’s Indian Brook and Northwest Bay Conservation Initiative that is focused on protecting the watershed of one of Lake George’s largest tributaries, Indian Brook, which empties into Lake George’s Northwest Bay. Including these two properties, the Initiative has permanently protected more than 2,500 acres of land within this critical region.

“In protecting these properties,” said LGLC Executive Director Mike Horn, “the LGLC is providing permanent protection for the waters flowing into Lake George, as well as expanding the connected landscape for animals that rely on healthy, intact forests.”

Current zoning on these two properties would allow for development that could result in disturbed soils, impervious surfaces, and septic systems that would threaten the water quality of Indian Brook and Lake George itself.

Mature and healthy hemlock stands exist on these lands, which will be monitored by the LGLC for signs of the invasive pest hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA). If HWA is identified, the LGLC will manage the infestation to prevent the spread and limit the water quality impacts of the invasive pest.

More information about the LGLC’s Indian Brook and Northwest Bay Conservation Initiative and how to support this project can be found at