LGLC 24th Land and Water Conservation Celebration

Bolton Landing, NY – The Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) hosted more than 200 guests for its 24th annual Land and Water Conservation Celebration on Friday, July 28th. In total, the event raised over $260,000 to directly support some of the LGLC’s most pressing and urgent projects including the Wiawaka Uplands Conservation Project.

This year’s event returned to the beautiful setting of the Inn at Erlowest in the Town of Lake George. Guests participated in a silent auction while enjoying refreshments on the patio, where they were also treated to a clear view of the lake, shoreline, and mountains that they were there to help protect.

Past LGLC President and Director Emeritus John Macionis and Board Member Elizabeth Guest served as co-auctioneers for the Fund-A-Need and live auction. Thanks to their inspiring introductions and many generous donors, the evening’s Fund-A-Need goals were exceeded, with $110,000 raised to complete the purchase of a conservation easement from Wiawaka, and $21,250 for stewardship efforts focused on invasive species management.

The LGLC’s Wiawaka Uplands Conservation Project is a collaborative effort with Wiawaka Center for Women to permanently protect 47 acres of forested uplands with a conservation easement. This conservation project touches upon all aspects of the LGLC’s mission—water quality and the watershed’s natural, scenic, recreational, and historic resources.

Stewardship is an ongoing need and critical part of the LGLC’s overall programs to ensure permanent protection of its lands. Funds raised will support its invasive species management program, particularly focused on the creation and implementation of a management plan for the recently discovered infestation of the invasive hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) at the LGLC’s Clark Hollow Bay property in Putnam.

“I am sincerely grateful to all who made this such a spectacular evening,” expressed LGLC Executive Director Mike Horn. “The success of this event is a tribute to the dedication and devotion of the LGLC’s supporters to our mission, allowing us to permanently protect the land that protects the lake.”

Horn continued, “Between the Honorary Committee–our largest ever–and the Fund-A-Need’s exceptional success, those who support the LGLC have made a real and lasting impact to protect the water quality of the lake we all love.”

The Wiawaka Uplands’ 47 acres includes 1,500 feet of stream corridor, 5 acres of wetlands, and steep slopes ascending French Mountain. This land also provides important natural habitat and scenic beauty. Construction of a parking area and trails for public recreation is expected to begin in 2024.

More information about the LGLC’s current projects, events, and more can be found at https://lglc.org/.