LGLC Addresses Trail Overuse Issues

On September 23, the Post Star’s Don Lehman wrote a blog post discussing overuse issues in our area and highlighted the LGLC’s work in providing trails and hikes that can help to take pressure off some of the over-used peaks and trails in our area.

Just recently, the LGLC, along with Tahawus Trails, finished a 2-year trail restoration project at The Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob, our most popular preserve, to create a more sustainable, easy access trail for the thousands of people that visit every year (a ribbon cutting is to come soon). With the assistance of grant and private funding, we were able to make these necessary upgrades to this specific preserve which will alleviate erosion, storm water runoff and create a more enjoyable experience for all the people who enjoy this wonderful preserve. In addition to the trail restoration, the LGLC is installing upgraded educational signage throughout the preserve to raise awareness to the importance of land conservation and habitat preservation and to provide various facts on the flora and fauna that call the preserve home.

New stone steps at Pilot Knob Preserve
New stone steps installed by Tahawus Trails are sustainably built to withstand foot traffic and prevent erosion.

Meanwhile across the watershed, we are working hard to promote our other trails and preserves in an effort to shed light on the many resources we have in our area that are less well known or visited: Godwin Preserve, Cook Mountain Preserve and Last Great Shoreline, just to name a few.

In Bolton Landing, we are partnering with the Town to implement the Bolton Recreational Hub Initiative, to bring awareness to the many trails that are available throughout the town and the great importance and value of land conservation for water quality, habitat protection, recreation and economic growth. We have already made improvements to our Amy’s Park Preserve in North Bolton and are working with the Town to make additional improvements to existing trails on other protected lands.

The new and improved parking area and trailhead to Amy’s Park, located south of the old trailhead on Padanarum Road.

While the LGLC is not a hiking-based organization, we strongly believe that conservation and recreation work hand-in-hand in hand; getting people out on our lands is the best way to spread the message of why it’s so important to protect the land that protects the lake. We want to make sure that once the land is protected forever, it isn’t just locked up under glass; but rather can offer its many benefits to everyone. 

That’s why we are ensuring that our trails are compatible with conservation, investing in sustainable recreation infrastructure, and working with municipal partners to ensure that we get it right for the community.  

Click here for more information on the Bolton Hub, our trails and more and know that the LGLC is working hard to protect the land that protects the lake and all that comes with it.