LGLC Honors Ed Sheridan at Trail Dedication

Bolton Landing, NY – The Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) honored one of its volunteers on February 11, 2020, with a trail dedication at Amy’s Park in Bolton.

A close group of LGLC staff and friends gathered at Amy’s Park to honor Bolton resident and LGLC volunteer Ed Sheridan.

“Ed’s constant presence and stewardship at Amy’s Park, and annual leadership during the LGLC’s Hike-A-Thon, have made him an invaluable member of the LGLC family and volunteer crew,” said LGLC Executive Director Jamie Brown.

Friends Linda Perry and Michelle Pollock each spoke of their appreciation and gratitude for Ed’s adventurous spirit, which he eagerly shares with others. The LGLC presented a plaque that established the dedication of the red trail that leads towards High Nopit as “Ed’s Red Stripe Trail.”

The plaque, which will be installed along the trail this spring, reads:

Ed’s Red Stripe Trail, Established 2020, Dedicated to Ed Sheridan

In recognition of Ed, who has shared his passion for exploring the natural world and has been a long-time steward of the lands and trails of Amy’s Park. Through his eyes and heart, and the soles of his boots, many of us have seen views and vistas we never would witness with our own eyes.

Named in memory of Amy Wolgin Wiener, Amy’s Park is a beautiful property of ponds, marshes and forests in the uplands of Bolton Landing located between Padanarum and Trout Falls Roads. The Park also includes a portion lying to the west of Trout Falls Road. The property was protected by the LGLC in 2012 in large part to protect the headwaters for Indian Brook, which flows through the land, and important wildlife habitat within its large, unfragmented forest and wetland complexes.

The Park has a system of trails that lead to and around the ponds, as well as up to a scenic point overlooking the Bolton uplands and Lake George. Recent upgrades on the property include a new, larger and more stable parking area, as well as updated signage and directional materials. Funding for these improvements came from a grant from the Conservation Partnership Program (managed by the NY Land Trust Alliance and funded by the DEC’s Environmental Protection Fund).