LGLC Launches Campaign to Celebrate the Women of Lake George Conservation

Bolton Landing, NY – The Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) is celebrating women who had historical influence on the conservation successes around Lake George in a summer campaign. Each week the LGLC will profile one of six pioneering women chosen to represent the many who helped to make Lake George as it is today. These profiles are supported by and will be presented in the Lake George Mirror and Glens Falls Chronicle.

The six featured women are Helen V. Froehlich, Mary Wiltsie Fuller, Mary Loines and her daughters, Lynn LaMontagne Schumann, Margaret “Peggy” Darrin, and Winifred “Winnie” LaRose.

In addition to reading about each of these influential women, the public is invited to submit their own tribute stories of women in their lives who made an impact on the lake, its conservation, and/or instilled an appreciation for the region’s natural lands. Full stories as well as a submission page are at https://LGLC.org/Join-the-Story.

This campaign was inspired by the LGLC’s partnership with the Wiawaka Center for Women to permanently protect 47 acres of its forested uplands through the purchase of a conservation easement. The easement will allow Wiawaka to retain ownership, and the LGLC will ensure the land’s permanent protection and assist with its stewardship.

Located in the Town of Lake George, Wiawaka is a non-profit organization and the longest continually operating women’s retreat center in the country. The center was founded in 1903 by Mary Wiltsie Fuller as a destination for women working in the factories of Troy, NY, to escape the city and enjoy an affordable vacation.

In addition to its historic buildings on the Center’s waterfront, Wiawaka owns 47 forested acres at the foot of French Mountain that contain over 1,500 feet of stream corridor and five acres of wetlands. Once protected by the LGLC, these lands will be forever protected, and continue to slowly filter and clean rainwater and runoff from upland storm events, before the water reaches the lake. This project will also provide public educational and recreational opportunities, and will protect precious habitat and scenic views.

The LGLC is currently fundraising for the Wiawaka Uplands Conservation Project, which includes the purchase of the conservation easement, stewardship, and trail construction.

More information about the Wiawaka Uplands Conservation Project and an online donation link are at http://LGLC.org/wiawaka-uplands. Or for more information, call the LGLC at 518-644-9673 or email hbartonbenedict@lglc.org.