Round the Lake: More than a patch

The LGLC’s Round the Lake (RTL) Challenge offers participants what so many challenges do – a patch and certificate once completed. But it also opens the door to many new experiences and destinations that may be missed otherwise. A bit more robust than other regional challenges (the goal is to complete at least 20 of the 30+ Missions), what makes this list unique is the addition of historical and educational sites, along with a variety of hikes and paddles that appeal to most ages and abilities.

Marta Quilliam has been working through the Challenge with her grandchildren, Braiden and Caitlyn Rivers. Their favorite mission to date was the LaChute River Walk and having a picnic outside of the Ticonderoga Museum, which they’ll go back and visit when it opens back up. Then going over to Northwest Bay Boat Launch Marsh and Falls.

“We have enjoyed several adventures in the Lake George area,” said Marta. “Braiden has been hiking since age 3 and Caitlyn 5. To me they are my hiking buddies and wouldn’t think of not including them on these adventures. We chose this challenge as we’re always looking for something new to hike and explore.”

Steve Maloney got into the Challenge when he retired from teaching. “I became obsessed with the Bolton Landing area,” Steve said. “So basically, I blocked out almost every Thursday on our family calendar and told my wife I will be go to the Adirondacks on these days. There were also some Saturdays and other days as well. I would grab anyone who would go with me and try to share my enthusiasm with them about the challenge. I’m a big list guy and a history buff and throw all of that in with the outdoors equals AWESOME!Steve Maloney at Dunhams Bay

“I have participated in every mission on the challenge except the Ticonderoga Historical Society which was closed when I tried to go and the Hike-A-Thon which I plan to participate virtually with my son Evan. Once I complete the Hike-A-Thon I will have completed the RTL Challenge. What I found fascinating about the challenge is that I didn’t know that most of these places existed and wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for the list. Every one of my companions felt the same way. So many hidden gems! Some of my favorites were hiking Amy’s Park with my son Evan; Walking the grounds of Up Yonda Farm with my wife Beth; Trail running up the trail to The Pinnacle with Todd Sitterly; Terzian Woodlot with Joe Polsinelli, Gull Bay Preserve with Jim Gillio and the best outdoor experience ever was kayaking Jabe Pond (we also hike it) with Roger Manion.

“It should be noted that after each mission we stopped at an area restaurant, bar, pub and deli to share our daily experience and enjoy some excellent food. We are at every restaurant in the village of Bolton Landing except the Sagamore. My son and I will also eat in Bolton Landing on July 5th as he now has the RTLC bug and loves going out in Bolton Landing.”

To get started on the RTL Challenge, visit the Challenge page to download the Mission checklist and details. Please note some museums and other destinations may have changed their hours of business, especially during this current pandemic, so it’s always good to call or go to their websites for the most up to date information before heading out.