Thank you for protecting over 300 acres of land that protect the lake!

The Lake George Land Conservancy protected three important properties this year, totaling nearly 300 acres, including 40 acres of critical wetlands, 4,300 feet of stream corridor, and hundreds of acres of forestland. The protection of these lands ensures they will never be altered and will be able to forever continue their natural function of filtering water as it flows into Lake George.

Bradley’s Lookout: 62 acres, Bolton

View from Bradley's Lookout

View of Lake George from Bradley’s Lookout

The LGLC purchased this iconic 62-acre property in Bolton for $526,000, and then immediately sold the land to the Town of Bolton for $150,000 encumbered by a conservation easement to ensure that it would remain protected forever. This partnership not only protected the land’s amazing and easily viewed ridgeline, wetlands, and beautiful forest, but also allows for the Town of Bolton to create an amazing recreational hub. This property will tie into the Pinnacle property (protected by the Town and the LGLC in 2015) and the Town’s Community Center to create access to nature for everyone. The LGLC will help the Town to create signage on the Town-owned land and trails to educate visitors as to the important role that land plays in protecting Lake George. If you would like to learn more about the LGLC’s efforts to protect Bradley’s Lookout, or help to fund this important project, please go to our Current Projects.

Twin Pine: 215 acres, Bolton


One of many streams throughout the Twin Pines property.

The LGLG purchased 215 acres of forested land adjacent to the NY State’s Cat and Thomas Mountains Preserve. In addition to protecting more than 20 acres of wetlands and 3,000 feet of stream corridor, its protection extinguished a seven-house subdivision. This acquisition will forever ensure that water flowing into Trout Lake, and on into Lake George, is filtered by the forest, wetlands, and natural processes that have worked throughout time to keep our water pristine.

Fairy Brook Corridor: 25 acres, Dresden

Huletts Landing, from Hague

Huletts Landing, as seen from across the lake in Hague.

The LGLC protected a 25-acre property important to water quality. This small piece ties into several other properties that the LGLC has protected in the area. This acquisition protects 1,300 feet of delicate riparian corridor. Over the past two years, we have protected over 3,400 feet of stream corridor within the Huletts Landing Conservation Initiative area, ensuring that the water flowing through the stream will remain clean forever.